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Buying a new commercial property in Ahmedabad? Here are things you should know.

Buying a new commercial property in Ahmedabad? Here are things you should know.

Gujarat as a state and Ahmedabad as a city have shown astounding growth in the last few years. Hence, there is no surprise in the fact that several investors are considering investing in a Commercial Property in Ahmedabad. If you have visited a top wealth manager or real estate broker, you might have received a similar advice. But, before you make your investment in a Commercial Property in Ahmedabad, you should be aware of certain concepts, regulations and market dynamics. Most investors who don’t focus on these key things, end up either paying a lot or buying the wrong type of property. So, read along and make the right choice: 1. Understand the difference between a commercial property and a residential property.Many investors believe that since the tax treatment for a Commercial property and a residential property are the same, they don’t have to worry a lot about the actual differences between them. If yo…

Buy Commercial Property in Ahmedabad, Iconic Shyamal

4 Tips that will assure you get the Best Price for your
Commercial Property in Ahmedabad.

Getting the right price for one’s Commercial Property in Ahmedabad is every seller’s dream. The real question
is – what is the right price and how do you get it?
The answer to the first part of the question is pretty linear. You want a price that is profitable to you as a
seller. But the complexity begins, when you are focusing on how to get that profitable price.
Here are 4 tips that will help you get the best price for your Commercial Property in Ahmedabad.
1. Get a broker.
Brokers can be of enormous help, if you are trying to sell your property. They are the ones who make the
market for older properties. At the same time, they also stand as filters to know what can be the prospective
price you can expect for your property.
The space for Commercial Property in Ahmedabad via brokers is a bit niche. Hence, make sure you are hiring an experience and well-regarded broker.

2. Renovating the property.


5 Key things that will affect the price of your Commercial Property in Ahmedabad

Understanding the real estate market is not an easy task. Several bankers, lawyers and economists are trying to predict how the market will work over the years. Some funds managers have also started looking into REITs that work as ETFs for real estate. But this does not mean everyone will be able to accurately predict how the price of your Commercial Property in Ahmedabadwill move. If you are considering an investment in the space of Commercial Property in Ahmedabad, here are the 5 key factors you should be aware of. They are industry agnostic and might have an impact on the return you get on your Commercial Property in Ahmedabad:

1. Locality.The biggest factor to impact the price of your Commercial Property in Ahmedabad, is the locality in which it is located. Several investors and sellers in the market have observed that fairly old properties in the most developing areas in the city fetch better prices than the newest projects in secondary areas. When you look at areas like Satellite, …

4 Extra costs you might have to bear for buying a Commercial Property in Ahmedabad

When you look at a Commercial Property in Ahmedabad, you will be thinking about only a few things – the location, the property’s quality, the developer and the probable returns.
What most of us usually forget, is that there are ton of transaction and other costs, when it comes to investing in Commercial Property in Ahmedabad.
When you buy a new car, you end up paying for the petrol, the accessories and insurance before you start using it. There are similar costs attached to your commercial property, before you are able to use the property for its intended purposes.
This list will help you account for the 4 most prominent costs you might have to bear for buying a Commercial Property in Ahmedabad

1. Brokerage.

If you have taken the services of a broker, you will end up paying brokerage. Most brokers that cater to the retail segment of Commercial Property in Ahmedabad, tend to have fixed percentage of fee structure.

They would either charge you 2% of the entire transaction value or ask fo…

Commercial Property in Ahmedabad | Iconic Shyamal

Commercial Property in Ahmedabad | Iconic Shyamal
If you did not visit Ahmedabad between 2005 and 2020 – you would be in for a surprise. Ahmedabad now has
evolved into one of the finest commercial real estate markets in the country. And when you are in the city, you
can see all the reasons why!
Buying a Commercial Property in Ahmedabad is easier and more profitable than you might think. Most
investors in real estate have a tendency to invest either in major cities where rates are hyper-inflated, or in
rural areas where they expect development in the coming years. The market of Commercial Property in Ahmedabaddoes not come in any of these categories – because it is developing and yet has a lot of room to
give you profits.
So, here are the top 5 reasons why you should consider investing in a Commercial Property in Ahmedabad

1. Excellent opportunity to get rental income. Ahmedabad has one of the finest rental markets in the country. People who have given their shops, homes and even indus…