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4 Tips that will assure you get the best price for your commercial property in Ahmedabad.

4 Tips that will assure you get the best price for your commercial property in Ahmedabad.
Getting the right price for one’s commercial property in Ahmedabadis every seller’s dream. The real question is – what is the right price and how do you get it?
The answer to the first part of the question is pretty linear. You want a price that is profitable to you as a seller. But the complexity begins, when you are focusing on how to get that profitable price.
Here are 4 tips that will help you get the best price for your commercial property in Ahmedabad.

1. Get a broker.Brokers can be of enormous help, if you are trying to sell your property. They are the ones who make the market for older properties. At the same time, they also stand as filters to know what can be the prospective price you can expect for your property.
The space for commercial property in Ahmedabad via brokers is a bit niche. Hence, make sure you are hiring an experience and well-regarded broker.

2. Renovating the property.In orde…

Buying Commercial Property in Ahmedabad

Buying Commercial Property in Ahmedabad: Should you wait or buy now?If you have been following the Ahmedabad real estate market, you must be aware of the so-called million-dollar question – is this the right time to buy a commercial property in Ahmedabad?
There are several ways to answer this one question. The more people you talk to, the different angles you will get to see on the same question. Yet, we all are talking about the same real estate market.
Then, the question arises – whom do you trust? The brokers will have a biased opinion because they are already in the market. The builders will have a biased opinion, because they have to sell their products. Other investment advisors will have their own agendas.
Here is a simple way for you to decide: 1. First of all – stop timing the market.Some of the most prolific investors in the public equity markets have stated that they don’t have the ability to time the market. Timing means – entering and exiting the market at the right moment. T…

5 Reasons why you should invest in a commercial property in Ahmedabad!

5 Reasons why you should investIf you did not visit Ahmedabad between 2005 and 2020 –  you would be in for a surprise. Ahmedabad now has evolved into one of the finest commercial real estate markets in the country. And when you are in the city, you can see all the reasons why!
Buying a commercial property in Ahmedabadis easier and more profitable than you might think. Most investors in real estate have a tendency to invest either in major cities where rates are hyper-inflated, or in rural areas where they expect development in the coming years. The market of commercial property in Ahmedabaddoes not come in any of these categories – because it is developing and yet has a lot of room to give you profits. So, here are the top 5 reasons why you should consider investing in acommercial property in Ahmedabad:1.Excellent opportunity to get rental income.Ahmedabad has one of the finest rental markets in the country. People who have given their shops, homes and even industrial units on rent, ar…