4 Tips that will assure you get the best price for your commercial property in Ahmedabad.

4 Tips that will assure you get the best price for your commercial property in Ahmedabad.

Getting the right price for one’s commercial property in Ahmedabad is every seller’s dream. The real question is – what is the right price and how do you get it?

The answer to the first part of the question is pretty linear. You want a price that is profitable to you as a seller. But the complexity begins, when you are focusing on how to get that profitable price.

Here are 4 tips that will help you get the best price for your commercial property in Ahmedabad.

1. Get a broker.

Brokers can be of enormous help, if you are trying to sell your property. They are the ones who make the market for older properties. At the same time, they also stand as filters to know what can be the prospective price you can expect for your property.

The space for commercial property in Ahmedabad via brokers is a bit niche. Hence, make sure you are hiring an experience and well-regarded broker.

2. Renovating the property.

In order to optimize the property’s price, make sure you have renovated it visually and structurally to meet the buyer’s need.

Several owners in the market of commercial property in Ahmedabad hold on to their properties for years. In these years, they keep taking the rental income but don’t focus on the maintenance part. Their tenants are the ones taking care of it.  

If you are serious about selling your commercial property in Ahmedabad at thebest price, you should consider renovating it. Some common renovation ideas would be around plumbing, furnishing and redesigning the interior space.

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3. Use social media and online listing portals.

There are several portals that will help you sell your commercial property in Ahmedabad. From the outset, this may seem to be a major task. But several people have found to be profitable venture.

Click some good photographs of your property. Add the accurate details. Before you list your property on the portal, make sure you have conducted your research. Whatever seems to be a fair price, add a 10% margin to it and list it on the website.

Apart from portals, you can also share it on social media. Most of us have a good brand on social media, thanks to our years of presence. This will provide credibility to your property and might help you sell it quickly.

4. Add some freebies.

It may seem to be an unorthodox approach, but many sellers are able to do it. You might have seen some major developers give gifts like cars, foreigntrips and expensive gadgets who buy their residential property. You can use the exact same idea on a smaller scale, to sell your commercial property in Ahmedabad.


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